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We offer a full array of promotional products and advertising specialties. What sets us apart from the rest of the crowd is that we know more in terms of decoration than your typical advertising agency as we have first hand experience all day with various types of personalization/decoration methods. As first and foremost that is what we do all day long. We already have your logo so why not let us help with your promotional products as well as your one stop shop. We have the expertise, the powerful software, more industry connections than most as we are a multifaceted company in various industries, as well as the passion to see your business succeed as a business partner.  

For a quick Q&A you can view below the links.  We tried to keep them simple and precise to help you decide if we are the right supplier for your promotional product needs



You can search our newly updated promotional product search websites, email us your product requests, call for more info and we will provide you with more detailed interactive proposal with your best options. Let us know what type of products you are thinking of and we will find it for you.

Promotional Product Q&A and FAQ's


Q = What is the difference between promotional products and all the other items you sell?

A = What sets the two apart is that Promo products usually involve lower prices but require minimum order sizes.

Q = What does that mean to me?

A = It means other various imprint options, on products we do not or cannot decorate in-house with our machines, or if you are looking for a certain product, but need more quanties it sometimes works in your favor to have us take care of the order this way. Instead of doing them in-house.

Q = Who is doing the decorating and processing the order?

A = We take care of all of the ordering like normal, we just send the imprinting/decrating artwork to our various manufacturers/suppliers who sell the product you are looking for. They take care of decorating the products at their warehouse to our specs and either send the product to us to review and we supply to you. Or they in most cases can also do blind drop shipping, which sometimes saves time on rush jobs. 

Q = What is the difference between you and the large mail order companies like 4 Imprints and E-promos, Halo, Performa, Etc.?

A = We love this question, as it helps set us apart from the rest of the pack.


Those big companies have tons of staff that their job is to upsell you as many products as they can to make their  multi-million dollar franchised dealerships/business partners rich. Some may know the in's and out's of how the industries work while others are just salespeople hired to sell. Many are also parts of national distributor chains that manage all the business backend and funding for the individual businesses. We are family owned and operated, and don't have quite the same larger buying clout as they have million dollar backers behind the scenes, but at the end of the day we offer the same products from the same suppliers at a competitive price.


They do not typically do any of the decoration in-house like we do, so they may or may not know evrything that is involved in decorating the products like our company. Everything is sent out to various suppliers just as we do. So really you are using a sales rep who in-turn passes it off to the middleman or the next person down from them to prcocess your order. We not only have the industry knowledge, but in some cases we actually do the same processes in-house as the manufacturers, Some of our suppliers are just setup to do larger quantities at a faster pace on their much larger machines.. So we know what kind of artwork they need, how they need it, how to adjust it using our software to make it work for the product in question as that at of the end of the day is what we do 24/7.


So at the end of the day it is not all about the lowest price, who has the best tv commercials, the bigger name or the more free stuff you get added to your order, It is about the customer serivce you should expect from a decorator. After all we make a living by decorating.


Q = Do you meet us for coffee or setup scheduled appointments/presentations at our offices?

A = Typically no we cannot. As one minute we are engraving something 1 foot away and the next we are helping our clients find the right product for their needs. We do not typically have the time to go door to door or have meetings over coffee to discuss branding strategies in depth. As were are an awards retailer first and foremost, our time as well as yours is a very valuable commodity, especailly these days. Sometimes we are actualy working on project in-house while we are searching our databases for options. You may certainly contact us via phone, email, socials, or stop by in-house at our showroom to see some products on display and speak with an industry professional. If time permits we may be able to arrange appointments for a later date. It all depends on our current workload and scheduled due date for projects.


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