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Apparel - Full Color Printed Heat Transfer


We offer Full Color Printed Heat Transfers for our apparel production. Done the quick way in different unique processes. Some are produced In-House some are ordered out to distinguished industry transfer job shops, where all they do is produce transfers all day for businesses like ourselves. These transfers are custom printed onto paper or film in gang sheets. We custom order to your artwork specs, simply check for quality issues, cut to size and press them onto the garments in-house. These are heat pressed onto the garment. 


Full color options and different hand fell textures.

Some are super thin with a slight hand feel, some are more thicker material  with a slightly thicker appaearance and feel to the printed area of the garment.

Ultra Color-Soft transfer

Call or email with artwork for price quotes !

We offer various styles: to fit your apparel fabric requirements. Pricing varies by brand and size apparel we use, imprint style, imprint size, estimated production time, etc.

UltraColor Max
UltraColor Max direct to film (dtf) heat transfers are a great solution for your custom apparel full color graphics when you need lower quantities. These heat transfers are digitally printed and come ready to apply.

Ultra Color Max Transfer
Ultra -Color Max Full Color

UltraColor Pro, ProSoft & ProStretch
This digital screen printed transfer is a hybrid full color transfer that combines digitally printed graphics with a screen print backing. UltraColor® Pro provides a clean edge, full color print, with a soft hand. ProStretch is designed for spandex and nylon materials.


Forever Laser Light

Designed to apply at low heat for Full Color vector images on a white or light colored shirt.

Color Laser Heat Transfer
Color Laser Heat Transfer
Color Laser Heat Transfer

Laser Dark

Designed to apply at low heat for rectangle photos on a dark colored or grey shirt.

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