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Signage - Cast Plaques

We offer custom traditional bronze, aluminum and holly bronze cast plaques as well as more detailed CNC cut castings which allow for more letter size options and and made from bronze, aluminum, zinc, zinc reverse, magnesium, stainless steel, giclee, photocast, 3D bust, etc.. These can be used indoor or outdoors. Obviously some are designed to withstand the elements better like bronze or aluminum, so please ask us about what would be best for your location. Aluminum is better outdoor in the northern/midwest environment. Where as Bronze is better in southern states and near the oceans. We offer many different font styles and colors to choose from and they can also be cut to match your logo. These are specially made to order through our sign letter & casting manufacturers.

Call or email for price quotes !

cast-precision-tooled-basrelief plaque
etched-bellingrath oval plaque
etched-kettering circle casting
cast-precision-tooled-navy cast plaque
cast precision tooled butterfly cast plaque

These can can be monted various ways, hidden stud mount, screws, screws and rosettes, posts and brackets, etc.

We do not provide installation services outside of the office, but can provide templates for easier installation by yourself or your maintenance person.

cast-precision-tooled-axtell cast plaque
sideview of ADA Men's Restroom Sign
cast-precision-tooled-wollersheim cast plaque
zinc plaque dominican hospital foundation cast plaque
aluminum cast plaque
bronze cast plaque
holly bronze cast plaque
Miltary Photo etched cast plaque
cast plaque
Yard Address Sign cast plaque
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