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Full Color Sublimated Tile Mural Information & Samples


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Ever thought it would be neat to have your favorite picture, painting or artwork in a wall mural form. Well you have come to the right place. We can make that idea come true.

We can produce a wall, floor or framed mural utilizing our state of the art dual 4 color heat activated sublimation process and image enlargement software. Your image can be reproduced in stunning full color photo quality.

Any tile we have listed in our online catalog can be turned into a tile mural.

Artwork Setup
There is a $20.00 per hour artwork/setup fee for mural using either your camera ready artwork or digital file. This includes, image enlargement if necessary, slight image retouching, and color adjustments to come out as close to your image as we can match. There will be slight color adjustments need to produce the tile murals. We automatically lighten all images so that when pressed using our special dye it comes out as close to your artwork or photo as possible. Typical mural artwork setup is 1 to 2 hours depending upon complexity of the artwork or digital image used.

Artwork requiring intense photo retouching (exp. Image enhancement, blemish removal, and or other image modifications) can be done as well. If you have a question regarding any odd requests like taking backgrounds, objects or people out of the photo, please call a sales associate at (800)568-7495

Artwork Requirements
All digital files that need to enlarged to fit a mural setting need to be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) or 300 ppi (pixels per inch) if at all possible. The higher the dpi or ppi and the larger the image, the better it will look. If you are using a digital camera, we suggest the highest size and quality setting as possible. We utilize special software for the photo enlargement process, which is the best we have seen yet.

Artwork & Photo Copyright Notice
If you submit your own image(s) for the decoration, you expressly indicate that YOU are the holder of all copyrights pertaining to submitted image(s). The submitter of any image to be used for the decoration of our full color sublimated tiles will hold us Benton Trophy & Awards, Inc. totally harmless from any claims resulting from any eventual copyright infringement. If we question the artwork that you sent us for your order, we will call to clarify that you have the right to use such artwork.

Tile installation
Installation to walls, countertops, bathrooms, backsplashes & floors (residential or commercial) is not included in the price. That is up to you to hire a local professional tile installer/specialist.

Framed tile murals include installation of tiles, using an industrial strength adhesive. We typically use either Liquid NailsTM, Silicon or JB Weld.


A Few Tile Murals Samples We have completed:  Click on Image for Larger View.

Lake Scene - Private Residence

Mural Project Description: This is a 3' x 4' mural made of 6" glossy ceramic tiles that was designed and installed on the wall behind a hot tub/whirlpool. The picture on the tile is the scene out of the clients back yard.


Printing the tile mural

Putting together a 3'x4' puzzle




Putting together a 3'x4' puzzle


Finished Tile Mural

Tile Mural Close up = 6" Glossy Ceramic Tiles

Installed Tile Mural

Installed Tile Mural

Lake Okoboji - Spirit Lake, Iowa

Mural Project Description: This is a 18" x 18" mural made of 6" glossy ceramic tiles that was designed and installed to fit the oak frame we sell. This picture was taken while being on vacation at Lake Okoboji. This mural is on display in our showroom as a sample of what can be done. The first tile mural we produced, specifically for display purposes.



Small Display Mural - Location Unknown

Mural Project Description: This is a 6" x 18" mural made of 6" glossy ceramic tiles that was designed for display purposes. This mural is nor framed and is also on display in our showroom as a sample of what can be done.







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