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  This page last updated:

  08/04/10 12:39 PM


Award Planning - Benefits of Recognition

There are many key benefits to recognition. The easiest way to explain it is to ask yourself a simple question. If you worked for a company for several years, excelled in your position, climbed the corporate ladder, and went way beyond your job duty or description and never got any recognition for your efforts, would you be locked into the job for the long haul? The answer to this question will probably be no. Why would anyone want to stay with a company that does not value their employees, besides the obvious check. Many businesses do understand that to keep employee retention and increase productivity among many other things it is important to their companies well-being. That is why recognizing your employees is such a big deal this day in age. Everyone wants to be recognized for the jobs they do.

After all, a business or organization does not run itself, right?

This is also why it is important to set some time aside and brainstorm about how you could recognize your employees in means that fit your budget.


Here are a few good reasons/benefits to recognize someone.

1. Improve performance & productivity.

2. Increase employee morale.

3. Improve employee retention.

4. Motivate employee to reach and extend their goals

5. Create a fun and inviting atmosphere that helps promote good sportsmanship and competition.

6. Increase sales performance.

7. Improve employee safety/regulations to create a safe environment for all staff.

8. To show your appreciation and heartfelt thanks for helping the company boost themselves into the next level of professionalism and standards.



We have plans to make more information available regarding awards banquets in the future, including a form for planning your next event.

As always if you have any questions or want help designing your awards for that special event, give us a call at (800) 568-7495 or (320) 252-4321 or email and we will be glad to assist you.











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